Amaron AGM Jade LN3 Din 70




Amaron AGM Battery (Absorbent Glass Mat)

Product Description:

The AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) Automotive Battery represents the pinnacle of automotive battery technology. Engineered with advanced AGM technology, it offers unparalleled performance, safety, and reliability for modern vehicles.

Warranty Coverage:

• Tecxus Marketing Sdn Bhd provides comprehensive protection against manufacturer defects for 12 months.

• In the unlikely event of a battery defect during the initial 12 months, we stand by our commitment to replace it at no cost to you.

Why Choose Amaron AGM with Dura Frame?

• Factory Charged – Ready to Use: Your Amaron AGM battery arrives factory-charged and ready to power your vehicle, ensuring immediate convenience.

• Highest Reserve Capacity: Benefit from ample reserve capacity, ensuring your battery delivers power when you need it most, even in demanding situations.

• High Heat Tolerance Withstand extreme temperatures with unwavering resilience, ensuring reliable performance in harsh weather conditions.

• High Cranking Power: Count on consistent and reliable engine starts, regardless of weather conditions or driving circumstances.

• Spill-Proof: Amaron AGM batteries are designed to be spill-proof, enhancing safety, and reducing maintenance hassles.

  • Battery Specification:
    AH @ C20 = 70
    CCA @ -18 degree Amps = 700
  • Dimension in MM
    L = 278 mm
    B = 175 mm
    TH = 190 mm