1.Congratulation on your purchase of AMARON battery! TecxusMarketing Sdn. Bhd. (“Tecxus”) being the authorized supplier of AMARON batteries, would like to welcome you as our satisfied customer as well as the user of AMARON batteries. For the purpose to understand and have detailed knowledge as to the warranty provided for AMARON batteries, do take a moment to read and understand the warranty terms and conditions stated and contained below for a hassle-free usage experience of AMARON batteries.

(b)Warranty Terms

Warranty Arrangement:-

2.All AMARON batteries are manufactured on state of the art machinery. The manufacturer has taken great care to ensure the raw materials used for the manufacturing of AMARON batteries are of the high standard of purity and in its best endeavors to maintain the high industrial standard. In spite of such care and diligence, AMARON batteries may in low possibility and/ or extra ordinary and/ or race incident to suffer minor defect(s) and it would subject to warranty claims.

3.The warranty claims provided for AMARON batteries would be classified and fallen into two types of claim, i.e. (i) manufacturing defect; and (ii) manufacturing issue. Tecxus would like to assure our valued customers that we would honor and provide warranty claim for the AMARON batteries purchased from us, subject to the warranty terms and conditions below, for the said fault which is directly due to/ caused by manufacturing defect. Manufacturing defect shall mean faulty material used during the manufacturing process or due to poor workmanship. The investigation outcome and notification announced by Tecxus(“Final Outcome”)in relation to the defect(s)/ fault of AMARON battery purchased shall be constituted as final and conclusive in nature.

Warranty Period:-

4.All AMARON batteries purchased with Tecxus would carry the warranty with the validity period as stated herein. The warranty coverage may vary in accordance with the specification of the batteries and the type(s) of vehicle engine. The warranty period for AMARON batteries shall be 36 months on pro rata basis or up to 60,000 km, whichever the earlier and subject to the terms and condition below, as follows:-

Note: Percentage mentioned above are Prorate discounts during used period applicable on different Unit Price and model.

Note: * The warranty period shall be commenced from the date of invoice. Warranty claim will be on 1 to 1 replacement basis (same model and same brand) and subject to the Final Outcome, if any/ necessary. The replaced battery will carry the warranty as follow:-

(a) Claim made within the 1st till 18th months warranty period (free of charge replacement) shall carry the balance warranty period as if the returned battery. Eg: claim has been made on second months after purchase where the battery purchased has been returned for replacement, the replaced battery will carry 34 months warranty period, i.e. the balance warranty period of the battery returned; or

(b) Claim made excess or after 18th months warranty period [with the payment (subject to the discount given) made for the replacement] shall carry the full duration of warranty period, i.e. 36 months as if a new battery purchased, provided the same registration requirements are met for the replaced battery.

* The Warranty Period would be made available to the customer(s) who has completed the registration of purchase of AMARON battery (“Online Registration”) through the relevant online system within fourteen (14) days from the date of purchase. The said Online Registration could be carried out by downloading our Mobile App (“AMARON 36”) via Google Play Store and/ or Apple iOS Store. Once downloaded the said Mobile App, kindly follow the instructions and directions provided/ found in the said Mobile App, such as to scan the code of battery, upload the front photo of the vehicle with the registration number, mileage meter of the vehicle and the battery invoice, to complete the said registration. Warranty claim will be on 1 to 1 replacement basis (same model and same brand) and subject to Final Outcome, if any/ necessary. Failure/ delay to complete the Online Registration within the specified timeframe will render the Extended Warranty Period non-claimable and/ or become null and void. However, the Standard Warranty Period will still applicable and coverable for AMARON batteries purchased.

Exclusion of Warranty:-

5. The following incident(s) and/ or circumstances shall cause and render the warranty, including both
Standard and Extended Warranty Period, become inapplicable, non- coverable and/ or non- claimable
and/ or null and void:-

(a) The warranty period will not be applicable to Amaron battery which failed to
complete the Online Registration within the specified timeframe;

(b) The fault/ defect/ damage of AMARON battery is due to overcharging or
undercharging caused by faulty alternator and/ or other electrical system(s) available
or installed in the vehicle;

(c) The fault/ defect/ damage of AMARON battery is due to negligence, abuse,
mishandling, misused, accident and/ or explosion caused by external event(s)/

(d) The fault/ defect/ damage of AMARON battery is due to the exposure to fire, flood
and/ or other unusual event(s) not associated with the normal and common usage of
an automobile product;

(e) Any incidental or consequential loss and damages directly or indirectly suffered and/
or incurred as a result of failure of AMARON battery;

(f) Any authorized/ unlawful tampering and/ or altering of any of the warning label(s),
instructions label(s), manufacturing code, product code and/ or other safety marking
and/ or labeling on AMARON battery;

(g) Warranty shall not be transferable and shall become inapplicable upon the transfer
of ownership of the vehicle in which AMARON battery being installed/ used and/ or
AMARON battery, or the transfer and/ or remove of AMARON battery from one
vehicle to another vehicle;

(h) Presence of foreign additive chemical substances in the electrolyte;

(i) Usages other than for non- automotive purpose;

(j) Improper storage including but not limited of non- usage of vehicle for long period;

(k) Usage of inaccurate and/ or improper specification of battery or failure to adhere to
the vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines of the battery model and/ or specification;

(l) Unauthorized repairing and/ or modification works has been carried out/ done
towards AMARON battery purchased, either prior to or after the defect/ damages of
the said battery occurred; or

(m) Any unforeseeable and/ or force majeure incident(s) occurred and/ or happened that
caused the damages of AMARON battery purchased, in which it is not reasonably
foreseeable by Tecxus.

Standard Procedure of Making Warranty Claim:-

6. As a registered customer under the warranty period, should you make a warranty claim, it will be hassle
free. Pursuant to the Online Registration, your details as well as the record/ proof of purchase will be
stored in our database securely and will be safely retrieved at the time of making a warranty claim.
Once verification has been completed and subject to the Final Outcome, if further investigation
required, your warranty claim will be processed and we will honor the warranty for AMARON battery.

7. Lack of documentation proof and/ or inaccurate and/ or suspicious information/ claim provided by
you would void the warranty.

Contract Information & Reservation:-

8. Should you have query and/ or request for further information/ clarification about AMARON battery
and/ or our product warranty policy, please feel free to contact us at:-

No. 27, Jalan PPU 2A,
Taman Perindustrian Puchong Utama,
47100 Puchong, Selangor Darul Ehsan,
Tel & WhatsApp: +6012- 2121198
Email: support@amaron36.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/tecxusMY/

9. Tecxus hereby reserve all rights, including but not limited to modify, amend, insert and/ or alter the
terms and condition as well as the policy of our product warranty without prior notice given.

Thank you and welcome to the family of AMARON battery.