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Enjoy up to 36 months warranty and peace of mind when you purchase selected Amaron batteries

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Car batteries are a dime a dozen. It’s one of the most frequently overlooked parts of a vehicle that is of no good whatsoever upon failure, and the ensuing inconveniences can make for a pretty dreadful experience.

For first timers, choosing a replacement unit can be tricky, given the variety of options that’s available out there. More often than not, people tend to opt for cheap off-brand choices to just “get it over with,” but most offerings on sale today fall short in terms of warranty coverage, which is a crucial part of the whole ownership experience.

This is where Amaron batteries pull ahead of the pack. Despite being a relatively young brand in Malaysia, Amaron has built a solid reputation by offering batteries that last long, and more importantly come with an unmatched 36-month pro-rata warranty programme (for selected models only).

When Amaron made its market debut here in 2016, the batteries came with an original warranty of 12 months, which can be extended by six more months for an extra RM30. But since April 1, 2020, selected batteries come with the 36-month warranty at no added cost – such is the level of confidence it has for its products.

To make things more convenient, Amaron has introduced the “Amaron 36” mobile app (available on both iOS and Android platforms), allowing customers to check for product authenticity or apply for warranty claims should the battery go bad.

Keep in mind that the 36-month warranty programme only covers 38B20L, 46B24 series and DIN type batteries distributed by Tecxus Marketing. For more information, you may reach Amaron through its Facebook page, here. Alternatively, you can also email them at

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