Amaron Go 38B20L


Warranty: 36 Months


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Starting from April 2020, at the same 2016 retail price, we are giving a FREE extension of our standard warranty from 12 months to 18 months warranty, plus an additional discounted 18-month warranty. You will enjoy a total of 36 months of warranty coverage for Amaron GO battery. Genuine online registered 36-month warranty through Amaron36 Apps.

The warranty covers the product against the manufacturer’s defect for 3 years. In case of battery defect during the 1st-18th month, the battery will be replaced at no charge. From 19th month onwards, you can get a new replacement with the discounts (for the portion of unused warranty) together with a fresh new value-added 36 months warranty.

Why Amaron GO?

1.Patented Silven X Alloy – Silver inside
The Exclusive Silven X technology patented in every AMARON battery is made of silver alloy technology with tremendous heat-resistance which is highly suitable for the hot and humid weather in Malaysia.

2.High Cranking Power


4.High Heat Tolerance

5.Vibration Resistance

6.Improved Safety

7.Long Life

8.Highest Reserve Capacity

9.Factory Charged – Ready to Use

10.Environmental Friendly

  • Battery Specification:
  • AH @ C20 = 35
  • AH @ C5   = 28
  • CCA @  -18 degree Amps = 265
  • RC in Mins = 43
  • Dimension in MM
  • L = 197mm
  • B = 129mm
  • TH = 227


Additional information

Weight10.20 kg


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