Amaron Go 46B24L/LS


Warranty : 36 Months


Amaron Battery

Product Description:

Introducing the Amaron AGS Battery – your ultimate power source for an uncompromised driving experience, now fortified with the innovative Dura Frame technology. With a legacy of excellence and innovation, Amaron AGS is engineered to deliver unrivalled performance and unwavering reliability.

Value-Added Warranty Package:

• Elevate your confidence with our exclusive warranty package. We offer an extended warranty, stretching the standard 12 months to an impressive 18 months.

• Benefit from an exclusive discount on an additional 18-month warranty extension and help stretch your Ringgit for additional value from Amaron.

• Activate your genuine 36-month warranty effortlessly through our user-friendly Amaron36 App downloadable from Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

• Tecxus Marketing Sdn Bhd provides comprehensive protection against manufacturer defects for a full 3 years (terms and conditions applied).

• In the unlikely event of a battery defect during the initial 18 months, we stand by our commitment to replace it at no cost to you.

• Beyond the 18th month, you’re entitled to a new replacement with discounts applied for the unused warranty period. Plus, you receive a fresh 36-month value-added warranty.

• Term and conditions apply.

Why Choose Amaron AGS with Dura Frame?

• Advanced Dura Frame Technology: The heart of the Amaron AGS battery is our cutting-edge Dura Frame technology, delivering unmatched performance and durability.

• High Cranking Power: Count on consistent and reliable engine starts, regardless of weather conditions.

• Zero-Maintenance: Bid farewell to the inconvenience of regular water checks and refills.

• High Heat Tolerance: Stand up to extreme temperatures with unwavering resilience.

• Vibration Resistance: Designed to endure the rigors of the road, ensuring long-lasting reliability.

• Improved Safety: Engineered with safety as a paramount concern.

• Long Life: Experience an extended lifespan that outperforms standard batteries.

• Highest Reserve Capacity: Your Amaron AGS battery with Dura Frame technology provides ample reserve capacity, delivering power when you need it most.

• Factory Charged: Your battery arrives factory-charged and ready to power your vehicle.

• Environmentally Friendly: We are committed to environmentally responsible battery production, aligning with our dedication to sustainability.

Battery specification:

    • AH @ C20 = 45


    • AH @ C5 = 36


    • CCA @ -18 degree Amps = 295


    • RC in Mins = 56

Dimension in MM
L = 238mm
B = 129mm
TH = 227mm

Additional information

Weight12.10 kg


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